A single mother is a woman who have a dependent child and is solely responsible for the upbringing child/children without a husband or partner. It might be as a result of divorce, death of the spouse,abandonment,separation and in some cases intentional. The phenomenon of single mothers is growing in most countries around the world.

In Cameroon specifically, almost all girls bear children out of wedlock before their late twenties. Women are mostly discriminated in Cameroon both legally and culturally. Unfortunately, little or nothing has been done by the goverment to improve the living conditions of single mothers. Few Organisations in Cameroon have recently focused specifically on this group with Little effectiveness. Single mothers receive no government aid or grants and as well little or no help from family and friends.

Studies have shown that 75% of all children raised by single mothers suffer in a variety of ways: they are more likely to have; Educational deficiencies & Behavioral problems. EYASM (Empowering Young African Single Mothers) is therefore out to encourage educate, mentor and guide single mothers, in selfreliance, self-awareness and also to support them in times of crisis so they can re-gain stability, break cycles of poverty, and build a legacy for themselves and families.



children, the future


Children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. EYASM pays special attention to children based on this statement. Thus;provide love, attention, support, and follow-up in their up-bringing as well as their education which is a very important weapon to prepare children to their roles as leaders of the community.It paves the way for economic self-sufficiency and greater compliance.Children`s educational follow-up, coaching and support remains the core of EYASM’s vision.

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