Single Mothers Empowerment Contest 2020

Single mothers empowerment project

The project was birthed by EYASM ( Empowering Young African Single Mothers) and covered by Akibaradio who’s not only our partner but also one of our SPONSORS.

Single mothers most often face operation based on myth,stereotypes and prejudice.they are discriminated in the society both legally and culturally. Unfortunately little or nothing has been done to improve their living conditions.

EYASM is therefore out to encourage support educate mentor and guide this vulnerable young single mothers in self reliance,self-esteem, self awareness and above all to financially support them in their business ventures.

EYASM decide to financially support 5 single mothers through a contest.

The aim of this project was to empower unemployed single mothers by setting
up businesses for livelihood.

The project birthed by EYASM went through for 4 weeks with prizes awarded at the
final stage.

The award ceremony was covered by Akibaradio who is our main support system.

The following prizes were awarded to the top Five winners.

➡1st Prize:250, 000FCFA
➡2nd Prize:200, 000FCFA
➡3rd Prize:150,000FCFA
➡4th Prize:100,000FCFA
➡5th Prize.50,000FCFA

🔘The criterion for participation.

➡Single mothers
➡Living in Cameroon
➡Speaks either English, French Pidgin, Francanglais
➡Age 35 years and below.
➡Have an innovative business plan idea which needs atleast 50,000FCFA to commence.

It was tough, challenging exciting, educative an empowering one month journey with both the contestants and the EYASM team.So far so good we want to appreciate everyone who has supported us through till the end.

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